About Us

We always welcome the opportunity to establish correspondent relationships with banks, financial institutions and other business entities in countries where we aim to provide our remittance services. AN Express seeks to engage in correspondent relationships founded on high quality service, competitive exchange rates and commissions, and on the correspondent’s ability to implement our payment orders in a timely manner. No less importantly, however, we are mindful of the need for all our business partners to comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries and territories where our services are to be provided.

Why AN Express?

Ours is an e-commerce based business that is constantly investing in new technologies to provide a better service to our valued clients. Our secure and state-of-the-art money transfer platform is especially designed to provide reliable and cost-effective services to our network of affiliates around the world.

We are committed to providing responsive and top quality customer service based on the highest ethical standards. We will endeavour to achieve meaningful growth and to develop new products and services that meet and exceed the evolving requirements of the different markets that we serve. We shall always conduct relationships with our correspondents guided by the principles of mutual respect, fairness and generally-accepted business practices for mutual benefit.


Please contact us on +44 207 426 0113, or at info@an2money.com for more information.